Life Recovery 12 Step Study

Life Recovery 12 Step Study

Every Sunday until November 15
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Life Recovery 12 Step Study at All Nations Community Church!
Join us on Sunday mornings at 11:00 A.M (After Sunday Worship Service)
Led by Dale & Sue Jaenke

What is Life Recovery?

This biblically-based 12 step journey is for anyone who struggles with hurts, hang-ups, or habits of any kind, and wants to change. Millions of people worldwide have been helped back to the health and wholeness that Jesus Christ promised when He said: “I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10)

All of us have been negatively impacted by our own mistakes and the mistakes of others. The results of the sin and evil in the world take a toll on us- through hurts that can leave us crippled emotionally, hang-ups that leave us stuck in a rut we can’t escape, or habits that can damage or destroy our lives physically and/or financially.

But the good news is that you don’t have to stay where you are. Whether or not it was your choices that got you to where you are today, you can make the choice not to stay there. Join us on Sundays as we move together towards healing and wellness.

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For more information please visit Celebrate Recovery