Adjective Adjustment

🔵 All Nations Community Church’s media ministry is under construction. We apologize to our guests as well as those who attempted to view the Facebook worship live. A special thank you to the Praise Team and those involved in all things tech for working hard through the renovation. As we grow, we discover more of how God wants to use us.

We are so grateful for the incredible people who call our Lord, Father. Thank you, Pastor Chuck Devos, Mrs. Helen Devos, & Melody Dawning, for leading our worship service today. It was a great experience, and we know it touched the hearts of those present. We witnessed the Holy Spirit at work in our sanctuary!

We trust you will receive this small portion of today’s service with our apology and pray the message delivered by Pastor Chuck will prick your hearts. Open your Bibles and follow along in Luke 15, as Pastor Chuck presents Adjective Adjustment.


🔵 This message was recorded live on Sunday, August 9, 2020, with the Pastor of LifePoint Assembly of God, Chuck Devos. Please visit LifePoint Assembly of God


Bible Passages: Luke 15:1-32

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🔵 The doors have opened at ANCC and we practicing normal worship service. 

 We pray you will read God’s Word, meditate on His principles, and love one another as Christ has commanded. This is a time to celebrate the incredible sacrifice made for us. We have the opportunity to be transformed by Christ Jesus’ work on the cross. Give Him all the praise and glory!

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