Am I My Brother’s Keeper – Unity Pt. 1


  1. This message brought me to tears. It is obvious that Pastor Nigel has a shepherd’s heart and loves God’s word. Can’t seem to find that combination where I live. I actually listened to this message because I am trying to help my daughter (who is a new student at Liberty this year), find a good church to become part of. She is desiring to grow spiritually but she along with us have been through a rough road with churches. My daughter has not wanted to go to church since our painful experience, but now she does and you can imagine my concern that she find a healthy godly church family. We know that nowhere is perfect, but a church that admits this but humbly presses on to grow closer to God and to each other according to the Scriptures is a rare find.

    Do you have anyone who might be able to pick a couple of girls up from Liberty for services?

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