Church At Home: Are You Missing the Ultimate Cure?

Church At Home: Are You Missing the Ultimate Cure?

April 26, 2020

🔵Welcome to church online with the Senior Pastor of All Nations Community Church, Nigel Alleyne.

Scriptures in this message: John 3:16-17


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**Selection composed, written, and performed by Joel Samu and Melody Dawning, ‘Sovereign’. Available on Soundcloud

‘Sovereign’ video produced by Torrie Slaughter, LLC.


🔵We love and appreciate each of you, thank you for continuing to serve during this time of uncertainty. We can rest assured that our Savior lives and with that knowledge, we can face tomorrow.

🔵Call the ANCC church office 434-847-2622 to receive weekly updates via phone.
🔵ANCC will offer more Bible Studies and classes via Zoom in the coming weeks. Here are a few to add to your list:
2. Refit® with Mrs. Sheila Mashburn offered on Tuesdays at 6 PM!

🔵Won by One mentoring group led by Mrs. Pauline Alleyne is updated. If you have not already joined the Won by One FB group page please do. Questions, suggestions, and prayer request can be emailed to


We pray you will read God’s Word, meditate on His principles, and love one another as Christ has commanded. This is a time to celebrate the incredible sacrifice made for us. We have the opportunity to be transformed by Christ Jesus’ work on the cross. Give Him all the praise and glory!

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