Intro to Titus

Intro to Titus

March 7, 2021

We apologize that we do not have a complete Facebook live stream today. The internet was not working well. Please extend grace as the media team is transitioning and keep them in your prayers. Please read Titus 1:1-10 and allow the Holy Spirit to help you understand the Lord Jesus Christ’s teaching. 

Join Pastor Nigel on Thursday, March 11,2021 via Zoom Bible Study he will answer any questions you may have from the book of Titus.


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🔵 This message was recorded live on Sunday, March 7, 2021, with the Senior Pastor of All Nations Community Church Nigel Alleyne

There are 4 separate recordings on our Facebook page due to internet outages.


Bible Passages: Titus 1:1-10

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 We pray you will read God’s Word, meditate on His principles, and love one another as Christ has commanded. This is a time to celebrate the incredible sacrifice made for us. We have the opportunity to be transformed by Christ Jesus’ work on the cross. Give Him all the praise and glory!

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