Online Service: Is The Church Being Eradicated?

Online Service: Is The Church Being Eradicated?

April 12, 2020

All Nations Community Church

Welcome to church online with Senior Pastor, Nigel Alleyne. We pray you will read God’s Word, meditate on His principles, and love one another as Christ has commanded. This is a time to celebrate the incredible sacrifice made for us. We have the opportunity to be transformed by Christ Jesus’ work on the cross. Give Him all the praise and glory!

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**Selections performed by Violinist Torrie Slaughter during this sermon: Higher Ground, Sweet Hour of Prayer, and How I Love Jesus.


  1. I loved service today Pastor!!! Happy Resurrection Day! I have missed my church so much. I’m ready for new beginnings!I miss you and Pauline!!!

    • Hi Terri, So happy to hear from you. We have thought and prayed for you often. Do let us know if you are still in the Lynchburg area. Next week ANCC opened a community group for sharing and encouragement Please connect on our Facebook Group Won By One on the All Nations Community Church page. Stay in touch.

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